Two Must Do’s on Your New Zealand Adventure


New Zealand is unique in many ways and astoundingly beautiful which makes it a popular holiday destination for overseas visitors. Two of the most popular visitor experiences include exploring the wonderful world of the Lord of The Rings and the ancient culture of the Maori people. Most cruise ship visitors land in the Port of Tauranga City which is an excellent gateway to Hobbiton and Rotorua. You can visit both these places on specialist day tour from Tauranga and here is just a taste of what you’ll find in both locations.


A visit to Hobbiton will be like going home for lovers of the Shire and “Lord of the Rings.” Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Hobbiton, the real village of the Hobbits and a totally unique place that can be found nowhere else. Since 1999, when they began construction of the movie set, it has been used to film many scenes in the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbits” movies. It is now a permanent attraction for all Hobbit fans.

Enter the home of Bilbo Baggins and see where the quest began. Outside the 37 purpose built hobbit holes are everyday items that bring the village to life, such as butterfly catchers, cabbage gardens, and hobbit laundry hanging to dry. Explore the Shire’s local pub, the gardens, bridges and other locations from the world-famous movies.

The Maori

The ancient Polynesians made incredible journeys in their seagoing canoes to far-distant shores. It’s not known exactly when they reached New Zealand, but it was about 1,000 years ago. Maori legends tell of the arrival of The Great Fleet in 1350 with the first large group of Polynesian settlers.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Maori had no metal. Their primary working materials were the bones of whales and birds and local stone including Greenstone. Visit the wondrous Rotorua Forest and an authentic Tamaki Maori village. After experiencing their unique customs and crafts, finish the adventure with a three-course Hangi-cooked feast and the famous Haka dance of the Maori warriors.

Custom Day Tours gives you the chance to get the most out of your cruise ship excursions, both in Tauranga and further a field including Hobbiton day tour Tauranga, Auckland and Rotorua. Travel with a local guide and a small number of people on a customised tour. Visit and discover New Zealand tours with a difference!


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